When does the comic update?

Currently, the comic updates sporadically.  If I have a good idea, I’ll make it into a comic, but there’s no set posting schedule!  To keep up with new updates, you can follow me on Twitter, Google+, and DeviantArt.  The comic is also syndicated on Tumblr and Google+.  There’s a mighty fine RSS feed as well.

Did you really try to gargle hot peanut butter?


Why are only certain comics numbered?

In the spirit of the original 24 Hour Comic, only the “tip” comics get numbers, which just means I was able to come up with a clever little witticism to convey a stupid lesson or something.  Sometimes funny things happen to me that I make into comics, but they can’t be boiled down into a tip, so I don’t try to force it.

What’s with the corn?

The Big Ear of Corn was made for a Halloween costume (Lori Beth Denberg, the awesome fat girl on All That) and snuck its way into the comic.  And my life.  It’s kind of gotten beyond my control.

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