While my plan was perfectly sound, it really REALLY screwed me over this year.  I had a total of 5 selling cons this year, and one of them was a total disaster.  When you’re doing 10+ shows a year, maybe one being a really bad show isn’t quite so bad, but when it’s one of just a few, AND it’s something you’re trying to earn enough money to pay next month’s rent?  It’s kind of devastating.  Scratch that.  It’s devastating.

Getting rejected by Ohayocon was a double-burn.  It’s usually my best show of the year, and it’s a really cheap show for me to do, with a high return on investment.  Having Ohayocon at the beginning of this year would have been a great start to this self-employed venture.  But alas.  There’s really no one to blame for that situation, it’s just one more example of the many strokes of bad luck that descended upon me all at once.

I did go to Ohayocon to hang out with some friends who came in from out of town.  But I didn’t tell any of them I’d just gotten laid off.  It was too fresh.