There is no onomotopoeia to sufficiently describe the sound my soul made at this moment, so an asterisk will have to do.

I’m back from Penguicon!  It was epic!  Today’s incentive on TWC is the version of this comic that got completed during my Photoshop panel yesterday morning.

Oh, the panel that almost wasn’t. My laptop power cord decided to die on Saturday, so I almost wasn’t able to charge the laptop in order to conduct the demo.  Luckily, Mike’s laptop cord was compatible, so he loaned it to me overnight to charge the lappy.

Then the panel room didn’t have the cable I needed to hook up my laptop to the projector. ^_^;;; Luckily, one of the people who came in a few minutes later had his own equipment, so he let me borrow the cable!  So many things came together to rescue me!

Anyways, here’s the comic, and have a good week!  My next convention is Anime Central, which is only two weeks away… *gulp*

And one more thing!  Creeper t-shirts are now in the store!