For those who have not had cinnamon rolls from a tube like this, there is a little strip on the side of the tube you’re supposed to pull off, making the tube pop open so you can get to the dough and the frosting cup.

I’m going to go on a rant now, because cinnamon rolls are very serious business.  Before the events of this comic, I hadn’t had tube cinnamon rolls in many many years, and I picked them up on a whim because hey, nostalgia.  My mom would make them for breakfast all the time when I was a kid.

In the last ten years, something terrible has happened.  PILLSBURY, I AM TALKING TO YOU.  The tube of cinnamon rolls I bought were not really rolls, but BUNS masquerading as rolls!  These buns had a swirly line scored into the top of each bun, so that when they baked, the score lines would make it appear that they were, in fact, cinnamon ROLLS.  But lo, you would never be able to unwind this false roll to get the delicious cinnamon roll center, because it was a solid bun.


Is it really that hard, Pillsbury, to tube-ify true cinnamon rolls?