I’m back from Matsuricon!  Thanks to everyone who stopped by the table over the weekend. And hello to the folks who are just now checking out the comic!  There was an unusual amount of interest in my creative works for an anime convention. ^_^  I got to see Doug Walker again, and I got to give him a print of my My Little Critic picture.  It was magnificent.

My next convention is the Cinci Comic Expo next month!

To follow up on the previous round of the TGT Tournament, I did a guest panel for Woody After Hours today. :D

Aaaaaaaand, I’ve made it into the FINALS of the TGT Tournament!  This blows my mind!  I thought I was going to fall out in the first round, being up against PC Weenies, but I managed to rally the troops and move forward, and by then, it was ON.  So thank you, and keep voting every hour!  There’s a chance I could win this thing!