The people cried out for the One True Hummus Comic, so here it is.  Imagine, if you will, that I am not crawling through a desert of sand, but of powdered chickpeas.

I went to my local Utrecht for a new sketchbook the other day, and I picked up a brush pen to experiment with!  Hence the brush-pen-y inks today. ^_^

Hey, you should vote for me in this TGT Tournament thing!  It’s a vote-powered tournament to determine the best episode of TGT Webcomics from the last year, one of which I was featured on!  The winner gets all the fame and glory of the ages, and a return interview on the podcast.  (You can listen to the show I was interviewed on last fall right here!  The Big Ear of Corn was being born at those very moments.  It’s a very important time in Alex’s Guide history.)  You can vote every 12 hours, so get crackin!  ^_^