Fat People Art Week: Feb 6-12

As you may have noticed, I am quite fat!  Isn’t it awesome? Megan over at Meaty Yogurt has proclaimed February 6th-12th as Fat People Art Week!

She’s got a tumblr going for fat people art, which I’ve been submitting to en masse (ha!) but I also thought I’d point ya’ll to my own fat-positive artwork on both my blog and tumblr.  (It’s basically the same stuff in both places, fyi.)  This week, I’m going to try drawing a picture a day related to Alex’s Guide for FPAW, which serves the additional purpose of getting me to draw art for a new header and banners I need anyway!  Megan’s got good timing. ^_^

On a related note, there is a poetry jam I’m attending in Detroit, MI next weekend, which is a fundraiser for Love Your Body Detroit.  If you’re in the area and curious to see what this stuff is all about, it’s a good place to be!  I’ll be set up as a vendor there.

If you do body-positive art, you should consider submitting it to FPAW!  And don’t be afraid to share links in the comments!  It’s gonna get fat all up in here. :B