Today’s my 6th anniversary of webcomic making.  On January 18th, 2005, I started my very first webcomic, the spiritual predecessor to Alex’s Guide, Jigworthy.

Jigworthy checks off several of the Don’ts that are present on most How to Start a Webcomic guides these days:

  • I made it about me and my friends.
  • The humor was a lot of inside jokes.
  • I used fucking Comic Sans for lettering.*

And of course, I’m essentially doing a very similar comic right here and now, albeit without the Comic Sans. ^_^;  Today kind of snuck up on me, otherwise I might have had something special planned like last year’s fanart contest.

But I figure, if you want to take a little jaunt down Alex Heberling history on this most joyous of days, head on over to Jigworthy and give it a read.

*I got better about 20 comics in, when I switched to “Dadhand.”